Hamada Printing Presses

With Hamada printing presses, optimization and standardization are top priorities. Hamada focuses on manufacturing well-designed integrated systems to serve all areas of the printing process. These are machines designed to maximize profits and keep productivity running at its peak. You'll enjoy the reliable and user-friendly operation of all Hamada printing press products.

Hamada understands that the success of a printing operation depends on the use of machines which don't require a high level of skills and experience to use. Therefore they design their sheet-fed offset printing presses to be more user-friendly to the beginning operator. These are machines which require little training to master and they are designed to keep running reliably with less maintenance.

Hamada also produces an innovative line of flexible inkjet printer solutions which ideal to handle a broad range of applications. They can be configured for various print qualities and they are simple and user friendly. The compatible software is also highly functional and designed for the demands of many industries. There are Hamada inkjet printers available for many diverse applications such as packaging film, printed circuit boards, leather goods, cloth labels, wood, and much more.

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